Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another Month, Another Post

Okay, so it's been a month since I have posted, I apologize, it seems to be the norm lately. Been a little busy around the Brown household lately. 2 kids, Soccer, 16 kids, more soccer, kindergarten, moms day out, my regular job, this "wanna be" job, you name it, we have done it.
I promise to be better as we have some stuff coming up I am really starting to get excited about. You down? I am!
The Best Camera..........
So I follow the blogs of several photogs who I dig their style and shots. Mostly sports dudes and a National Geographic guy or two. All of them obviously making a living at photography and very incredible at what they can do with a camera. One of blogs I follow is a guy named Chase Jarvis. Chase shoots all kinds of stuff and most recently published a book using nothing but images taken with his Iphone. He even created an App for the Iphone to do some touch up work on the images shot with an Iphone. So, for 3 bucks, I gave in and downloaded the app to the ole' Iphone and boy let me tell you, this is cool. Only had it a day or two but so far so good.
The App is called, "The Best Camera, is the one that you have with you." Pretty fitting for an app and book by the same title made up entirely of cell phone pics.

So here are some of my Iphone images using the Best Camera App. If you follow me on Facebook here or here or on the twitter space at you've probably seen some of these. If your not a friend, fan or follower, sign up to be one ASAP! And don't forget to subscribe to the blog if you want to.

Here are some pics.

This is probably one of my all-time favorites of SB. Here she is wearing my hat from my girls soccer team. She loves to ham it up for the camera.

Below are two images, one of rain on the windshield of Triple G and one of some cloud formations. Why? Not sure what the sun looks like anymore so we shoot clouds now....Again, just wanting to see what the Iphone cam can handle. Too bad we cant remote that puppy somewhere.......... More to come.

Again, all of these were shot using the IPhone and the APP "the Best Camera is the one with you." Some cool stuff that I am already trying to figure out how to utilize to make a series out of. Stay tuned for more to come. As always, thanks for reading, God Bless and remember to smile because you never know who might be pointing a camera at you.


"Everyone who asks receives, he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks, the door will be opened." Matt. 7:8

Monday, August 24, 2009

The Pearson Circus......Popsicle anyone?

So my Creative Director "G" and I get the text on Sunday afternoon to shoot some pics for my buddy Tin Cup and his crew. So we jump in the ole mini-van and head right over. Okay, so really he sent me a text to shoot pictures of his family. HEY!!! It's my blog! I'll tell the story how I want to tell it.

A few things I learned on this excursion. In order to photograph a 9 week old, shoot him right after he eats and just before he gets cranky and crashes. Another thing, and you would think I would know this one having 2 kids of my own, but always, always, always when shooting 2 year olds, pack plenty of popsicles.....just make sure your Creative Director knows the brand before she spouts of Dora or Hannah Montana. Although Eliza could care less, Popsicles can get you alot of places in this world. Got a box in the freezer now just waiting to help me move up the ladder........Whats that Boss, your a strawberry guy? Coming right up DB!
Who am I kidding? Lets check out the pics.

So we shot The Pearson Circus which includes Tin Cup, Jen, Eliza and "Chi" too bad we did not get Red the 200 pound Golden Retreiver in on the action. That would have been a pic to remember.

So Here we go, enjoy!

Miss Eliza - She will be 2 very soon.
This was a pic we shot trying to mimic another photo. Hold tight to that thought, more to come on it later. Promise.
Here is another of little Miss Giggle Box. When you get her going keep it up. When she stops...your toast!

Here are a couple of the Big Man himself. Great little Dude to shoot, you'll see more of him in the future I am sure.

A real Ladies Man.......... When he is not drooling.

Sister & Brother....Precious

One of my favorites. Pretty sure there was, uh......, well I mean, uh, er., poop involved, or at least some gas. He sure felt better though...not sure bout' the rest of us....

The Happy family!

Okay, Story time. I told you earlier I would be coming back to a pic and telling you more about it. Close to 30 years ago a picture was taken of Jennifer when she was 3 or almost 3. She wanted to see if we could shoot something of Eliza so she could have a side-by-side made. Well, we got the shot and you know I could not leave well enough alone.

Here is the collage I put together in photoshop pretty quickly. The lower right hand pic is of Jennifer almost 30 years ago and of course Miss Eliza in the upper corner. The center image is a perfect Mommy / Daughter moment. Thanks guys for letting us in on it.

Special thanks to the Pearson Circus for letting us invade thier home for a couple of hours.
I shot over 250 pics and came away with well over 70 to choose from. Pretty good odds with a couple of 30 somethings I would say............

Until next time, Keep your head down, no facebooking while driving, watch out for the DB's of the world (inside joke) and above all else, Praise God & glorify Him in all that you do.

CB'ster out! God Bless!

"Seek ye first the Kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you." - Matt 6:33

Thursday, August 13, 2009 Love bright and early this morning.

Here is a shot from a medis event last year that Wired2fish picked up and ran with a story from my "Day Job."

Enjoy & God Bless.


Sunday, August 2, 2009

2010 Bass Cat Jaguar First Ride with John Crews

Here is BCB Pro-Staffer and Elite Series Pro John Crews video from the dealer meeting where the Jag was unveiled. John also used some images from CBC so check it out as there are quite a few in there. Great job John and thanks for thinking of us!

Thanks for Reading and Watching!

God Bless,


Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I am alive and Yes, This boat is that BIG!!!!!

I apologize for being so behind, but frankly, I am way farther behind than you would think. Life is crazy, good but crazy right now. Here is a sneek peek.

2010 Basscat Jaguar - The Battleship Galactica or USS Mt. Home as I call it.
So on Monday I after my morning soccer practice workout with my girls team I make the drive over to Mt. Home Arkansas to shoot some pics for my buddies RP and GG. RP builds em', GG markets and makes these dudes look good in print and on the web. Me, I am just a button pusher. So, I show up to smell of new fiberglass and some sharp looking rides. The 2 most noticeable were the new Basscat Jaguars. These are 21-22 foot boats and are massive machines that are so easy to drive my Grandmother could drive it running 70mph with her hair on-fire. She wouldn't' but she could......
So anyway, once the dealers were taken care of we jumped right in an headed out. Marty Stone, my bald headed buddy from North Carolina jumped into the seat of my chase boat and I could not have asked for a better one, except for the time he got em wet from the spray of the other boat or the time he almost bounced me off the front deck, he did a great job. More on Marty in minute. Lets jump into pics and talk more there.
Here is a link to all the pics of the new Jag as seen on Basscat boats site, this gives you an idea on what the boat has inside and out that we shot, below is my death defying stuff.......yeah right.
This is the New 21-1/2' Basscat Jaguar - This thing is unreal, an absolute beast......Yes, I want one.
Here is Elite Series Pro John Crews getting it strung out. For a big boat she will run pretty hard. Would not expect anything less from a Merc powered BCB!
Here is Elite Series Pro Mark Tyler in serial # 2 of the new Jaguar - This one was set-up to run and run it did!
Another shot of Mark letting the Jag eat. Very cool rig.
Thought this was a cool shot off the back deck. Marty stepped on it and I came really close to being a hood ornament for that big Mercury!!!
Artsy Fartsy time.......
Earlier this year Elite Series Angler and good friend Kevin Short, aka K-Pink and I got together on a "Day on the Lake" photo shoot and we busted out the remote equipment to try a few things. Being new to remotes I wanted to play and K-Pink was willing so we did. On my drive up on Monday I started getting text messages from Kevin on some remote stuff we needed to try on the new boat. We had time for one, see what you think.
So we had time for one remote and we set it up on the trolling motor looking back. Last time we did this at 60 mph the camera nose dived into the carpet. I have some really good shots of the carpet if anyone wants one. This time I came prepared with a small tripod to put under it. K-Pink tested, BCB approved, the mount held like a rock, check it out.
Here we are rolling out. See Nimrod on the front deck. That is actually where I sit until we get up to speed. The shots of the boats from the front are shot from this position. Once they pass I lay on my stomach on the front deck and shoot the rear 3/4 stuff. Would not trade this gig for anything, the adrenaline rush when everything is humming is unreal...Trust me it rocks, but kids, do not try this at home or with any other boat, this is a BCB deal!
K-Pink is catching us pretty quickly, this boat would run.
Rear 3/4 with the remote labeled. This is where it hit me that I forgot to tether the camera to the boat in case it got loose.......oops! Thank goodness all was well or else K-Pink would have had a Canon tattoo on his fore head and I would have been out of equipment.
Handheld Shot from the chase boat.
Here is the remote shot. Same shot as above but different angle.......This front deck is huge, wish I had something to compare it to.
Here is another Remote Shot as me and my buddy get closer in the chase boat. I saw this later on the way home and wished we had dropped back a little so you could see my position in this deal, it's interesting to say the least......
This was the next frame as Marty and I sped up to move ahead of Kevin, you can see our rooster tail off the right side of the pic....
More Boat pics - Other models:
Here are some pics of some other models we shot while there. The Jag was the Belle of the Ball though.

Here is K-Pink with his hand in the air letting a P4 eat with a new 200 PRO XS - This is a bad motor scooter!
K-Pink getting silly, I think he likes running these rigs.......
Another P4 Pic.
Probably my all time favorite......K-Pink goes from 70mph to 25mph. He pushed this little 50 for all it had........
Thanks for reading and again I apologize in this being so late and not being updated in so long. It really has been a crazy spring and summer for me, but that's how it goes......
Click on the links to read more about BassCat Boats , Kevin Short
Take care and God Bless,
John 20:27